Our Approach


We start by getting to grips with understanding your business and how it works. Understanding where you want to drive things – are you looking for cost reduction, improved productivity, additional features, waste elimination – probably all of the above!

There then follows a detailed examination of your existing infrastructure; the number of machines / users that you are looking to support, quantifying the print and mail volumes that you are dealing with and testing our solutions against those expectations and operating conditions.

Constructing a Solution

Because we are not tied to any one manufacturer we are at liberty to use our extensive market and product knowledge to gather a best feature / value proposition from the whole market; using our integration knowledge to put together a solution which will answer your business requirements and work out of the box with minimum downtime and thorough product training.

Presenting the Solution in Plain English

Our proposal to you will clearly show how your business requirements will be met. We will also present options and add-ons that would enhance the solution in the future for planned business growth and demonstrate how the current solution can be adapted to meet your future needs.

Delivering first time, on time

We will organise and co-ordinate the implementation of the solution in close partnership with yourselves. We will use our long experience to ensure that clear and accurate communication with manufacturers and suppliers results in a closely co-ordinated delivery and commissioning process. On successful commissioning we will invite you to sign –off the delivery and implementation phase by reviewing the original proposal with you against the physical reality.

Maintaining our relationship

We regard delivery as just the start of our relationship. Regular account reviews will enable us to keep in touch with your developing business needs and help you to get the best out of your office equipment.

We believe that a combination of our complete independence, product knowledge and long experience represents a unique opportunity for you benefit from our unbiased approach.

Contact us now with your next project requirements and see how we can help, also see how our approach differs to those you have used in the past. The costs of our consultancy services are totally free of charge to you.