Now launched in the UK, Xerox's ColorCube range uses a solid ink print technology that offers dramatic reduction in waste and carbon footprint.

Not only does this technology help the environment but it could also dramatically reduce the cost of colour printing in your business.

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The benefits of solid ink

From greater ease-of-use to less waste, the benefits of solid ink are numerous. The simple design of solid ink technology means more simplicity for you – simple maintenance, less impact on the environment, fast speed, and less worry.

Easy to Use

  • Drop-in loading of solid ink sticks is as easy as loading a stapler
  • No toner cartridges to unpack, shake, slide in, pull out and dispose of
  • No mess solid ink sticks are safe and clean to handle
  • Fast speed to first printed color page is as fast as 5 seconds
  • Save storage space because the packages of solid ink sticks are small enough to fit into a desk drawer

Environmentally Preferable

  • Less waste than color laser printers with no cartridges to dispose of and far less packaging to add to landfills
  • Non-toxic ink is safe to handle
  • Recycled paper of any kind can be used with the same high-quality results
  • Fewer CO2 emissions and less fuel is used from shipping because solid ink packages are smaller and lighter than toner cartridges
  • Less energy is used to manufacture solid ink because of the simplicity of the design
  • Free GreenPrint software with your new solid ink device saves paper, ink, money, and trees
  • 2010 ENERGY STAR® qualified(ColorQube 8570 and ColorQube 8870 printers)
  • Intelligent Ready technology feature learns your usage patterns to optimize power consumption and productivity

High Print Quality

  • Consistent print quality from the first page of a print job to the last and one job to anot her
  • Any media can be used with the same great results, including recycled paper, heavy stock, transparencies, and envelopes
  • Photo-quality color with 2400 FinePoint™ print resolution mode
  • Dense, saturated color in solid fills instead of “banding” or streaking that’s often found in large areas of color
  • Excellent mid-tones and smooth gradients produce great results on tricky areas such as sky and skin


  • Virtually jam-free paper path that is short and efficient
  • Simple design with far fewer moving parts means less chance for failure
  • Xerox is committed to solid ink technology for one simple reason: it delivers color printing benefits like no other


  • Low running cost and comparable cost per print to laser makes solid ink easy on your budget