Network Support & Recovery

At Compare All we have evaluated numerous data backup systems available on the market today

Using the information we have received and after consulting various suppliers, Compare All are happy to recommend the Vault Services of Microtech Systems

The system details are listed below but we would suggest that if you have a data backup issue in your business, contact Compare All and we can arrange a site visit in order to assemble a recommendation document

Vault Backup


Simple to use.Ideal for servers, workstations and portables.Fully automatic, online and off-site backup service. Restores are instantaneously initiated and always accessible. Unlimited technical support from Microtech Capacity up to 90TB. Data can be stored for up to 80 years. Uses your existing broadband connection - no additional hardware required. Our unique patching technology allows large files of e.g. 8GB to be backed up over broadband.

·         Microtech Vault has been optimised for broadband so implementation is easy.

·         No hardware or tapes to fail, jam, buy, maintain or manage.

·         Your backup does not require any staff intervention.

·         Compliance for your data.


Technical Information

·         System wide failover datapaths.

·         Data stored in both failover datacentres, 310 miles apart.

·         All data is stored on mirrored state of the art Netapp filers.

·         Engineer install service.

·         All backup sets created for you and with you choosing the data..

·         Maximum sustained data transfer rate of 960Mb/sec per filer.

·         Diversely routed connectivity between the datacentres of 2x155Mb/sec (310Mb continuous capacity).

·         Microtech Vault connects to multiple tier 1 carriers.

·         Load balanced application servers are capable of handling 20K+ concurrent connections.

·         Our unique patching technology allows files of e.g. 8GB to be compressed to just a few MB (because after the baseline backup, just the changes inside a file are sent).

·         448bit BlowFish encryption is used by default. This high level of encryption has never been broken. Estimates indicate it would take 100 years to decipher it. Furthermore, assuming in 100 years time you did actually decrypt today's message, you could not construct the original file anyway - after the baseline backup has been sent, just encrypted patches are sent to Microtech Vault making it impossible to build the original complete file.

·         Data is encrypted before it leaves the server/PC – so it securely backs up network workstations

·         Each datacentre is connected by 2 diversely routed lines, each providing an independent connection between both sites, giving you continuous access to your data.

·         Microtech Vault comes with a 99.95% Service Level Agreement



Security and peace of mind

·         You do not need to remember to find your backup tapes if you leave the building in an emergency (e.g. fire).

·         Holds multiple copies of files so you can roll back to previous versions, which is particularly useful if your files are corrupted.

·         The automated system ensures that backups are regular and the procedure is never forgotten.

·         Should the Internet connection fail or backup be disrupted, Microtech Vault will detect this and automatically resume.

·         The data remains encrypted whilst it is stored in each of our mirrored datacentres and it can only be decoded back into data on your server with your encryption key. This is the most secure method of storing data available.

·         Three levels of password further secure your data.

·         Fully automated service provides the simplest method of data backup, using cutting edge technology.

·         Microtech Vault uses your existing broadband or modem connection at a time to suit you - normally overnight when no one else is using it.

·         Microtech Vault works automatically without the need for human intervention.

·         Retrieval is instantaneously initiated and always accessible.

·         Single or multiple versions of files can easily be located, selected and restored at the same time.